How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Mac: Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our guide on how to delete duplicate photos on your Mac! If you’re someone who takes a lot of photos, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of having multiple copies of the same image taking up valuable storage space. Not only is this inconvenient, it can also slow down your device. Luckily, removing duplicate photos on Mac is a relatively simple process. In this article, we’ll walk you through 12 easy steps to help you get rid of those pesky duplicates once and for all.


Step 1: Launch Photos App

The first step is to launch the Photos app on your Mac. This app is designed to help you manage and organize your photos, and it’s the best place to start when looking for duplicates.

Step 2: Choose Library View

After launching the Photos app, choose the Library view from the top left corner of the screen. This will give you a full view of your entire photo library.

Step 3: Click on All Photos

Next, click on the “All Photos” option in the sidebar. This will display every photo in your library, including any duplicates.

Step 4: Click on View

Now, click on “View” from the menu bar at the top of the screen. This will bring up a drop-down menu with several options.

Step 5: Choose “Show Duplicate Items”

Choose the “Show Duplicate Items” option from the View menu. This will display any duplicate photos in your library.

Step 6: Select Duplicate Photos

Select the duplicate photos that you want to delete. You can do this by clicking on each photo while holding down the “Command” key on your keyboard.

Step 7: Click On-File

After you have selected the duplicate photos you wish to remove, click “File” from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Step 8: Choose “Show in Finder”

From the “File” menu, select “Show in Finder.” This will reveal all the duplicate photos that have been selected.

Step 9: Move Duplicate Photos to Trash

You can now drag the selected duplicates to the Trash. You can also right-click on the duplicates and select “Move to Trash” from the contextual menu.

Step 10: Repeat as Necessary

If you have a lot of duplicates, you may need to repeat these steps a few times until all duplicates have been removed.

Step 11: Empty the Trash

Once you have removed all of your duplicate photos, you should empty your Trash to reclaim disk space. You can do this by right-clicking on the Trash icon in your dock and selecting “Empty Trash.”

Step 12: Organize Your Photos

With duplicates removed, you can now organize your photos better. You can sort them out in different ways, create albums or even backup your photos with cloud storage options.


Removing duplicate photos on Mac is a crucial task that needs to be performed regularly to save storage space and keep your device running smoothly. The 12 easy steps mentioned above are an effective way to accomplish this task. Considering the potential amount of space you might be wasting by hoarding duplicates, this guide shows a simple yet often overlooked method for organizing your media.

Tips and Tricks:

Tips and Tricks on How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Your Mac

1. Use a dedicated duplicate file finder application.

You can use applications like Easy Duplicate Finder, Gemini, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro or others to take the work out of finding duplicates in your library.

2. Use Smart Folder Feature

The Smart Folder feature on Mac can also make finding duplicates much simpler. You can create a Smart Folder that searches for duplicates and eliminate them from the results.

3. Use the Preview Screen

Using the Preview screen for your photos can make it easier to identify duplicates, as you can compare images side-by-side.

4. Utilize iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library is an excellent option for storing photos, eliminating duplicates, keeping all of your devices in sync, and freeing up space on your Mac.

5. Empty the Recently Deleted Folder

After deleting duplicates, make sure to empty the ‘Recently Deleted Folder’ on Photos app, to permanently free memory from your Mac.

6. Keep your Library Organized

It’s essential to organize and categorize your photos better to find duplicates more efficiently and save space.

7. Back-up your Photos

Backing up your photos can provide extra security as you don’t want to lose all of your photos if anything happens to your device.

8. Use a reliable external hard drive

External hard drive is another way to save storage space on your Mac while keeping your library organized and manageable.

9. Use a consistent naming and sorting convention.

Using the same naming and sorting convention across your photo library, can help to avoid duplicates.

10. Be Mindful when saving multiple copies

When you save multiple copies of the same photo, ensure to keep records of the location of copies and their names.

Happy cleaning and organizing your photo library!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Deleting Duplicate Photos on Mac


1. Saves storage space: When you delete duplicate photos on Mac, you will end up saving a lot of storage space. This is because duplicate photos tend to take up a significant amount of space that could be put to better use by other important files.

2. Improves computer performance: Having a lot of duplicate photos on your Mac can slow down your computer’s performance. Deleting them can help speed things up, allowing you to work more efficiently.

3. Keeps your photo library organized: Deleting duplicate photos ensures that your photo library remains organized and easy to navigate. You will no longer have to sift through numerous copies of the same image to find the one you need.

4. Reduces backup time: If you regularly back up your files, deleting duplicate photos will reduce the time it takes to complete the backup process.

5. Avoids confusion: Keeping multiple copies of the same photo can cause confusion when trying to locate a specific image. Deleting duplicates can make it easier to find the photo you are looking for.

6. Prevents accidental deletion of important photos: With too many photos, it’s easy to accidentally delete an important one. By deleting duplicates, you minimize the risk of mistakenly deleting a photo you need.

7. Enhances the quality of your photo library: Removing duplicates can enhance the overall quality of your photo library. You will be left with only the best photos, making it easier to showcase your work.

8. Saves time: Deleting duplicate photos eliminates the need to manually compare each image to find duplicates. This saves time and effort that could be put to better use in other areas of your work.

9. Helps to identify corrupt files: Deleting duplicates can help to identify corrupt or damaged files in your photo library. This will allow you to take action before the damage gets worse.

10. Frees up space for new photos: By deleting duplicates, you will have more space to store new photos and important files, ensuring that your computer is always up-to-date.


1. Risk of accidentally deleting important photos: There is always a risk of accidentally deleting important photos when deleting duplicates. It’s important to verify each photo before deletion to ensure that the right one is removed.

2. Time-consuming: Deleting duplicates can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large photo library. It’s important to set aside enough time to complete the task.

3. Chance of mistakenly deleting the wrong photo: It’s possible to delete the wrong photo if you’re not careful. This can be frustrating, especially if it was an important image.

4. Deleting good duplicates: Not all duplicates are bad. Some photos may appear to be duplicates but have minor differences that make them unique. In such cases, it’s essential to keep both photos.

5. Dependence on software: To delete duplicates, you need software. This creates a dependence on the software, and if it becomes unavailable or outdated, you may not be able to manage your photo library effectively.

6. May not identify all duplicates: Some duplicate photo-finding software may not identify all duplicates. This can lead to incomplete removal of duplicates from your photo library.

7. Risk of losing quality: Some duplicate photo-finding software may compress or lower the quality of your photos, which can lead to a loss in quality.

8. Potential for error: Automated software may make mistakes when identifying duplicates. It’s important to manually check its work to ensure that no errors have occurred.

9. Difficulty in restoring deleted photos: Once photos are deleted, they may be difficult, if not impossible, to restore. It’s important to make sure you want to delete a photo before removing it.

10. Not foolproof: Deleting duplicates may not be foolproof. There’s always a chance that you may miss some duplicates, which may lead to wasted storage space or other problems in the future.


1. What are duplicate photos on Mac?

Duplicate photos are copies of the same photos that are saved in multiple locations on your Mac. This can happen when you import photos from different sources or when you accidentally save the same photo multiple times.

2. Why should I delete duplicate photos?

Deleting duplicate photos can help you free up space on your Mac and make it easier to organize your photo library. If you have a lot of duplicate photos, it can be difficult to find the ones you actually want to keep.

3. How do I find duplicate photos on my Mac?

You can use the Photos app on your Mac to find and delete duplicate photos. Simply go to the “Photos” tab and select “All Photos.” Then, click on “View” in the menu bar and select “Show Duplicate Items.”

4. Can I delete duplicate photos manually?

Yes, you can delete duplicate photos manually by going through your photo library and identifying duplicate photos. However, this can be time-consuming if you have a large library.

5. Is there a faster way to delete duplicate photos?

Yes, there are third-party apps that can help you quickly and easily delete duplicate photos on your Mac. Some popular options include Duplicate File Finder, Gemini 2, and Easy Duplicate Finder.

6. Will deleting duplicate photos affect my original photos?

No, deleting duplicate photos will not affect your original photos. You can safely delete duplicate photos without worrying about losing any important images.

7. Can I recover deleted duplicate photos?

No, once you delete duplicate photos, they are gone for good. Make sure you are certain before you delete anything.

8. Does deleting duplicate photos affect my iCloud storage?

No, deleting duplicate photos on your Mac does not affect your iCloud storage. However, you may want to check your iCloud Photo Library settings to make sure you are not syncing duplicate photos to iCloud.

9. How often should I delete duplicate photos?

It’s a good idea to regularly check for and delete duplicate photos to keep your photo library organized. Depending on how often you add new photos, you may want to do this once a month or once every few months.

10. Are there any risks to deleting duplicate photos?

No, there are no risks to deleting duplicate photos as long as you are certain you don’t need them. It’s always a good idea to make a backup of your photo library before making any major changes, just in case.

11. Can I delete duplicate photos from my iPhone using my Mac?

Yes, you can use the Photos app on your Mac to delete duplicate photos from your iPhone. Simply connect your iPhone to your Mac, open the Photos app, and select your iPhone from the sidebar. Then, you can use the “Show Duplicate Items” feature to find and delete duplicate photos.

12. Can I prevent duplicate photos from being created?

Yes, you can prevent duplicate photos from being created by using a tool like Image Capture to import your photos. This tool will automatically detect and skip any duplicate photos.

13. Will deleting duplicate photos improve my Mac’s performance?

Deleting duplicate photos will free up space on your Mac, which can help improve performance. However, the impact on performance will depend on how many duplicate photos you have and how much extra space you are able to free up.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Mac

Having duplicate photos on your Mac can be frustrating, especially if you have a large collection. They can quickly eat up your storage space, and it can be time-consuming to find and delete them manually. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to eliminate duplicates and free up some space on your Mac. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective ways to delete duplicate photos on Mac.

Conclusion and Closing

Deleting duplicate photos on your Mac can be a simple task if you know the right method. We have explored some of the most effective ways to eliminate duplicates and free up some space on your Mac. Whether you choose to use third-party apps or the built-in tools, it’s crucial to back up your photos before starting the process. This ensures you don’t accidentally delete important photos.

We hope this guide was helpful in solving your duplicate photo problem, and you can now enjoy a more organized and decluttered photo library. If you have any questions or additional methods to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments section. Thank you for reading, and until next time!