How to Clear Reading List on Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to our article today, where we will be discussing how to clear your reading list on a Mac. A reading list can be a helpful tool to save articles or pages for later, but sometimes it can get clogged up and be difficult to manage. That’s why we’re here to help you out with some simple steps to clear your reading list and make it easier to use. Let’s jump right in!


Step 1: Open the Safari Browser

To get started, open up the Safari browser on your Mac. This is the browser that the reading list feature is built into, so you’ll need to use Safari for this process.

Step 2: Click on the Reading List Icon

Next, look for the reading list icon in the sidebar on the left-hand side of the browser. This looks like a pair of glasses with a small number next to it indicating how many items are currently saved in your reading list.

Step 3: Select the Option to Show All Items

Click on the glasses icon to show your reading list. Then, select the option to show all items. This will bring up a page showing all the articles or pages that you’ve saved to your reading list.

Step 4: Click on the First Item

To clear your reading list, you’ll need to remove each item individually. Start by clicking on the first item in your list to bring it up on the screen.

Step 5: Remove the Item

With the article or page open, look for the option to remove the item from your reading list. This is usually a small “x” icon or a button that says “Remove from Reading List.” Click on this option to remove the item.

Step 6: Repeat for all Items

Now that you’ve removed the first item, repeat steps 4 and 5 for each remaining item in your reading list. This can be a bit tedious if you have a lot of items, but it’s the only way to clear your entire reading list.

Step 7: Exit the Reading List

Once you’ve removed all items from your reading list, close the reading list window by clicking on the glasses icon again. This will take you back to your main Safari window.

Step 8: Check Reading List is Empty

To make sure that your reading list is completely empty, click on the glasses icon again and look for the “No Reading List Items” message at the bottom of the screen.

Step 9: Close and Reopen Safari

Sometimes, Safari can be a bit finicky and still show saved items in your reading list even after you’ve removed them all. To fix this, try closing Safari completely and then reopening it to see if the list is still empty.

Step 10: Clear Reading List from Other Devices

If you use iCloud across multiple devices, your reading list may still show items even after you’ve cleared your Mac. To fix this, also clear your reading list from any other devices that you use.

Step 11: Turn off Reading List Syncing

If you don’t want to use iCloud to sync your reading list across devices, you can turn off this feature in your Safari settings. Go to Safari > Preferences > General, and then uncheck the box next to “Reading List.”

Step 12: Use Bookmarks Instead

If you find that your reading list is getting too cluttered or difficult to manage, you may want to consider using bookmarks instead. Bookmarks are a more permanent way to save your favorite sites and articles to come back to later.


Clearing your reading list on a Mac can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s an important part of keeping your browser organized and easy to use. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can quickly and easily clear your reading list and start fresh with a clean slate.

One thing to keep in mind is that your reading list may also be synced across other devices through iCloud. If this is the case, you’ll need to clear your reading list on all devices to make sure it’s completely empty. You can also turn off reading list syncing in your Safari settings if you don’t want to use this feature.

If you find that your reading list is getting too cluttered or difficult to manage, consider using bookmarks instead. Bookmarks are a more permanent way to save sites and pages for later and can be organized into folders for easier access.

Tips and Tricks

1. Use folders to organize bookmarks

If you decide to switch to using bookmarks instead of a reading list, make sure to use folders to keep everything organized. This will make it easier to find the sites and pages that you need later.

2. Set up keyboard shortcuts

To make using bookmarks easier, set up keyboard shortcuts for your favorite sites and folders. This way, you can quickly jump to the site or folder that you need without having to manually search through your bookmarks.

3. Use tags to label bookmarks

Another way to stay organized with bookmarks is to use tags to label them. This makes it easy to find bookmarks related to specific topics or interests.

4. Regularly clean out bookmarks

Just like with your reading list, it’s important to regularly clean out your bookmarks to keep everything organized. Make sure to delete any outdated or unnecessary bookmarks to keep your list streamlined.

5. Use bookmark syncing across devices

If you use multiple devices, make sure to use bookmark syncing to keep everything up-to-date across all your devices. This will save you time and hassle in the long run.

6. Use bookmark extensions

There are many extensions available for Safari that can make bookmarking even easier. Look for extensions that allow you to quickly save pages, organize bookmarks, and more.

7. Don’t rely too heavily on bookmarks

While bookmarks can be helpful for saving pages that you want to come back to later, try not to rely on them too heavily. It’s important to stay focused and not get distracted by constantly saving pages and articles that you may not have time to read or use later.

8. Create a “To Read” folder

If you do want to save articles and pages to read later, consider creating a “To Read” folder in your bookmarks. This way, you can save these items separately from other bookmarks and remember to come back to them later.

9. Use private browsing for important pages

If you’re working with sensitive or important pages, consider using Safari’s private browsing feature. This will prevent any data or information from being saved to your browsing history or bookmarks.

10. Keep your bookmarks organized

Finally, the key to successful bookmarking is to keep everything organized and easy to find. Regularly clean out your list, use folders and tags, and be selective about what you save to your bookmarks to keep things streamlined and efficient.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Clearing Reading List on Mac


1. Free up space: Clearing the reading list on Mac helps to free up storage space on the device, which can be useful for other apps or files.

2. Reduce Clutter: By removing items from the reading list, the user can reduce clutter and organize the list better.

3. Faster Performance: Clearing the reading list can help to improve the device’s speed and performance since it contains fewer objects.

4. Privacy: If you share your Mac with someone else, clearing the reading list will help prevent them from seeing what you have saved to your Mac.

5. Starting fresh: Clearing the reading list can provide a fresh start without any browser history, which can be useful if you want to start from scratch.

6. Easier Browsing: With fewer items in the reading list, it’s easier for the user to browse through the remaining items.

7. Avoid duplicates: Clearing the reading list can help avoid duplicate items that have been saved previously.

8. Better organization: Clearing the reading list can help the user focus better on what they consider important.

9. Improved performance: Your browser could work more efficiently and faster without an overcrowded reading list.

10. Better prioritization: a cleared reading list can help prioritize essentials rather than having a disorganized and sometimes out-of-date list.


1. Losing Important Links: Clearing the reading list can result in losing important links that you might need in the future.

2. Losing useful information: Clearing the reading list can lead to losing useful information that you might have saved for later reference.

3. No reference for the past material: material that has been cleared from the reading list could no longer serve as a reference for updates or similar materials.

4. Losing bookmarks: Clearing the reading list can lead to losing bookmarks that could be easy-to-handle links.

5. No historic access: if useful data has been cleared, there will be no access to that material in the future.

6. Missing knowledge: Clearing the reading list somewhat gives an a rasure of previous knowledge if that material’s reference is gone with it.

7. Unable to recover once removed: Any useful material removed from the reading list could no longer be recovered unless it has been saved elsewhere.

8. Extra effort to re-do: Having to re-do clearing the reading list by mistake or loss of data can cause more effort than expected.

9. Losing Progress: Clearing the reading list results in losing any progress made in readings, learning, or research.

10. Reduced Diversity: Clearing the reading list can result in lost diversity in material being read, which could decrease learning capacity.


1. What is Reading List on Mac?

Reading List on Mac is a feature that allows you to save articles or pages to read later. It is like a bookmark, but it also saves the content of the page for offline reading.

2. How do I access my Reading List on Mac?

You can access your Reading List by clicking on the Reading List icon in the Safari toolbar.

3. How do I add a page to my Reading List?

To add a page to your Reading List, click on the + icon next to the Reading List icon in the Safari toolbar. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift-Command-D.

4. How do I remove a page from my Reading List?

To remove a page from your Reading List, right-click on the page and select “Remove Item” or simply swipe left on the page and click “Delete”.

5. How do I clear my entire Reading List?

You can clear your entire Reading List by clicking on the Reading List icon in the Safari toolbar, and then clicking on “Clear All”.

6. Can I access my Reading List on other devices?

Yes, if you have iCloud enabled on your Mac and other Apple devices, you can access your Reading List on those devices as well.

7. How many items can I have in my Reading List?

There is no limit to the number of items you can have in your Reading List.

8. Can I organize my Reading List?

No, there is no way to organize your Reading List other than the order in which you added the items.

9. Can I save videos to my Reading List?

Yes, you can save web pages that contain videos to your Reading List.

10. Will removing a page from my Reading List also delete it from my browsing history?

No, removing a page from your Reading List will not delete it from your browsing history.

11. Can I share my Reading List with other people?

No, your Reading List is private and can only be accessed by you.

12. How long will pages stay in my Reading List?

Pages will remain in your Reading List until you remove them.

13. Can I search my Reading List?

No, there is no search function for your Reading List.


In conclusion, clearing the reading list on your Mac is a simple process that can be accomplished in a few easy steps. Whether you are looking to get rid of clutter or just want to start fresh, it is important to know how to clear your reading list. By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly and easily clear your Mac’s reading list and start anew. Remember to always keep your Mac clean and organized to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article on how to clear reading list on Mac. We hope that the steps outlined above will help you in your efforts to declutter your Mac and start fresh. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Mac support for additional assistance. Happy decluttering!